Child School




The Barcelona Golf Club offers a range of training programs with flexible training schedules that can be adapted to the different objectives and ages of our kids.

After working for a full year on our Children’s Golf academy project to teach children the core values of golf, we realized the need for different training plans. Our new director, Carlos Vivas, together with Jesús Chaves, will take our Children’s Golf academy to the highest standards.

The coaches are Pablo Monetti, Alejandro Sánchez and Sandra Soler.

Training for younger children (under 8 years old) or for children who are getting introduced into golf will take place on Saturday or Sunday mornings, from 1100 to 1300, at €90/month.*

Training for older children wishing to (or only able to) train on weekends will take place on Saturdays, from 1100 to 1730, at €90/month.*

For children who feel ready to compete, we have the following training plans:

  • Training on Tuesday-Thursday, 1745 to 1915, and Saturday 1100-1300. €125.*
  • Training Tuesday-Thursday 1745 to 2000, and Saturday 1100-1730. €195.*


*A 20% discount applies for club members. The €95 registration fee includes equipment (including 2 polo shirts and a windbreaker jacket). Quarterly payments. Saturday lunch cost not included. Season requirements and school calendar. The PerformanceGolf program requires player’s commitment to participate in the Catalan Ranking and PGA leagues.

Class rates

Services Time Price Include  Dto. Members Notes
Flat Rate Jr. Fun&PerformanceGolf (Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday) 400/480 min €125 or €195 /month Gym + Golf + 2 academy poles and windbreakers 20 % Inscription fee €95
Fun&PerformanceGolf (Saturday) 300 min €90 Gym+Golf+2 academy poles and windbreakers 20 % Inscription fee €95
FunGolf half day (Saturday or Sunday) 120 min €60 Gym+Golf+2 academy poles and windbreakers 20 % Inscription fee €95
Elite Junior Program 1200 min/week Gym+Golf+Nutrition+Mental Coaching+Report
Intl.Elite Junior Program 1500 min/week Gym+Golf+Nutrition+Mental Coaching+Report

For more information please contact with reception (+34) 937.728.800 or