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Child School



At the Golf Club Barcelona Child School, we do more than teaching golf, we also want to provide our kids an incredible experience in a family, healthy and sporty environment, a place to begin any relationship, make new friends and learn the golf’s spirit: sportsmanship, comradeship, solidarity and respect for the game’s rules.

We hope that our school supposes an unforgettable memory for the children who every weekend will share more than sport with us.

More than 70 children are currently enrolled in our school. They are grouped by ages, from the youngest, born in 2008, to the most “veteran”, all of them under the guidance of our team of pros who will make sure that our juniors get the most suitable lessons for each one of them.

Besides teaching in our fantastic golf driving range, children will also experience the game in our challenging course with our pros, other outdoor sports activities, games, theory and sport’s rules, English practice, etc …

Qualified golf professionals trained at the Tietliest Performance Institute are part of our team.

We are looking forward to meet you.


Manel Liñán Child School
Golf Club Barcelona