If you are a local federate, now at the Golf Club Barcelona we offer you up to 80% discount on ours “Premium, Regular and Low Cost” rates to enjoy the Masia course.

Local federates:

  • Green fee Child player: from 11€ (<14 years acompanied by and adult player and depending on timetable)
  • Green fee Junior player: from 22€ (local federates between 14 and 21 years old and depending on timetable)
  • Green fee Executive player: from 33€ (local federates between 22 and 49 years old and depending on timetable)
  • Green fee Senior player: from 28€ (local federates between 50 and 74 years old and depending on timetable)
  • Green fee Super Senior player: from 22€ (local federates older than 75 years and depending on timetable)


PROMOSENIOR (catalan federates only)

18 holes Masia Green fee + shared moto or buggie: 40€*

*only aplicable to licensed catalan golf players older than 50 years. Valid rates for Monday and Wednesday working days until December 2018.



If you want to play golf the whole year with us but you haven’t decided yet, we offer you 3 annuals golf pass in order to choose the one that fits you better with your schedule:

  • Birdie Golf Pass: playing from Monday to Thursday working days from 12 pm at the Masia course
  • Eagle GolfPass: playing from Monday to Sunday from 1pm at the Masia course
  • Hole In One GolfPass: playing any day at any time in both courses: Masia & Sant Esteve

See economical conditionsGOLFPASS DESCRIPCIÓN 2018